The Favorite Errs that You Should Stop Committing According to Home and Office Movers

moving mistakes to avoidWhen it comes to moving homes and businesses, experts say that we all have a number of favorite mistakes. We are constantly reminded about them but then we commit them repeatedly anyway. Being hard headed will bring us nowhere so we better change that and listen really intently from the professional home and office movers. We all want easy flowing and stress free relocation so we should all take our tasks seriously and see to it that the following mistakes are never committed again.

Over-packing and overstuffing your boxes

Not only will you fill them to the point of bursting but you are also likely to stuff them till they are too heavy to handle and carry! This is why smaller containers should hold pieces that are likely to pack some weight such as garage tools and books. Blankets, pillows, comforters and other lighter but bulky items fit the bigger containers best.

Bringing clutter with you

Leave them all behind. This pertains to items that are defective and those that you don’t need any longer. Examples would be clothes you’ve outgrown, furniture that you’ve stock up on the attic way too long, potted plants that have no place in your new home, useless files and documents in the corporate steel boxes that are labeled as ‘for disposal’ and the like. If they are still usable then you can give them away, sell them off or donate them to charity.

Having way too much groceries and supplies before moving date

Not only will this require you to pack more but it will also likely result to spoilage. Unpacking can take time too and when you have groceries and perishable goods in numerous boxes that can drive you nuts. Buy as little as possible before moving date. You can always do the shopping at the new place.

Getting free and cheap boxes from grocery stores

This might sound new to some but take note that grocery stores hold perishable items and food products. Any amount of spoilage and spills will attract bugs. Even if some boxes appear clean, you never know for sure if there are insect eggs lurking. Go to book shops, liquor stores and office supply shops instead.

Leaving gaps within cartons

Home and office movers also remind everyone to make use of stuffers to fill in any gaps within the cartons when you pack. This prevents movement and eventually breakage. You can use Styrofoam inserts, crumpled paper, bubble wrap or folded linen, shirts and towels for this.

A London Removal Company Guide to Kids and Relocations

Relocation is quite a challenge. Would you agree? It becomes a whole new level too if you are moving with kids or even toddlers. How does one make it easy breezy then? Read up on the following London removal company tips to find out.

Get a baby sitter. If you don’t want them playing around as you pack, running alongside your movers as they carry boxes in and out of the house or have them endlessly popping your available bubble wrap then it would be best to get a baby sitter. It doesn’t have to be for the entire time. You can do so during rough days and tight schedules.

Explain it to them. It can be emotionally stressful and confusing for kids so be sure to explain why you will be moving. Communication is always key and be sure to do it gently and creatively. You can even add in a fun tale or something.

Give them something to do. Have them do an activity that will keep them engrossed like asking them to separate their toys from those they want to keep or give away.

Allow them to do some packing. It won’t hurt to let them do this. Just see to it that it’s something really light to do say for example stuffed animals. See to it that it involves nothing fragile and breakable.

Give them time to say goodbye. This is especially true if they are already in school. Moving to a different town, area or country can stress them out so allow them some time with people they are acquainted with. A little send off party won’t hurt.

Bring some memories. It could be a pressed flower from your garden, a pretty shaped pebble or a photo with your old home. It pays to bring keepsakes no matter how simple and small they are.

relocation with kidsDon’t forget to make them cozy for travel. Prepare some pillows, blankets, extra clothes, food, diapers, towels and other necessities to keep them comfy while travelling. It would be wise to allow them to bring a toy that can be easily carried around, Teddy perhaps?

Get to know the new neighborhood with them. Once you have moved into your new house, be sure to make them feel at home. Walk around the new neighborhood, show them their new school, have play dates with neighbors, go biking at the park. Share this experience with them.

Keep this London removal company tips in mind to make moving with kids easier.

Why Getting a London Removal Company Can Save You from the Headache

Time and again people have said that getting yourself the service of expert movers will save you a lot of headache and not to mention time, energy and money and they are not saying this out of random suggestion but based on full blown experience. But the curious beings that we are, we still like to question this and get ourselves answers in which case we give you the following reasons why getting a London removal company can save you from the headache. Now go on and scroll down to find the answers you’re looking for.

removal company1st Reason: They will do the packing. – We all know how tiring this part of the relocation gets. Getting yourself some trained professionals will save you all the trouble as they will do the packing for you.

2nd Reason: You are provided with the right materials. – Should you wish to do the packing yourself or at least part of it, they can provide you with the right materials and supplies to be used as well as assist and give you some tricks and tips.

3rd Reason: They will do the hard work and labor. – They are also bound to do the disassembling as well as the assembling of certain furniture, loading and unloading of the truck and pretty much everything else. You’re bound to be work and sweat free.

4th Reason: The moving schedule is organized. – Remember that you have a job too, others go to school and everyone else has a life to live. Your schedules have to be matched so that the move does not disrupt everyone’s regular routines as much as possible. Movers will help organize and schedule all the tasks to make the whole process systematic.

5th Reason: You get to do your regular tasks. – You can go to work. You can spend some time with neighbors and friends and you can enjoy the moving instead of stress about it.

6th Reason: They free much of your time for other tasks. – You can channel your energy into doing other related tasks such as getting to know your new neighborhood and facilitating the utilities (e.g. landline, water, electricity) at the new place.

7th Reason: Movers have the experience and training. – Not all of us know the proper ways to pack. Not everyone can carry and load big and hefty items. Plus, most individuals lack the proper skill, expertise and knowledge about the entire moving process.

8th Reason: Insurance has got you covered. – Lastly by getting a London removal company, you get to have insurance. This ensures that in the event of unlikely circumstances and should damages and losses be present, the moving company got you covered.

London Removal Companies Talk About the Most Disastrous Packing Mistakes of All Time

When it’s moving time, packing always comes with it. You may have already researched a ton on tips, advice, ideas, what to do and what not to do before, during and after moving day. You may have already researched the same for packing. Now, to add up to your vast treasure box of knowledge, get to know the most disastrous  packing mistakes of all time according to the best London removal companies. Read up and make sure that you do not fall prey.


Be sure to not overstuff your boxes. If you fill them much too heavy, the tendency is that they will break and give in at the bottom. They will also be too weighty to move and carry around. An equation that movers suggest is heavy items go in small boxes and bulky but light ones in bigger cartons.

family-moving-into-new-houseDISASTER # 2 – TOO MUCH UNECESSARY SUPPLIES

Do not stock up and buy all the supplies you see in the hardware store or those listed in many articles around the web. Only get those that you will need. You might just overspend at things that will not be of benefit to you at all.


When things have been carefully placed inside their boxes, be sure to label them accordingly. Put in a short description of their contents, the room they belong to and an inventory number. This way you can determine how many cartons are actually being moved. There will be no way for you to lose stuff.


You do not have to bring with you every single item. Leave behind those that are not useful anymore. You can sell broken stuff at a junk shop while useful things at a garage sale. You can even donate them to charity or give them away to friends.


Be sure to keep all you important papers with you. Place them all in one box and do not mix them up inside the moving truck. Have it inside your car instead.


Not everyone is a technician so when you dismantle your desktop computer, be sure to label wires accordingly or better yet take a photo. The same goes for all other electrical equipment.


Lastly, for people who do not hire movers getting a moving van or truck is necessary. Be sure that the one you rent can fit your biggest belongings in height and width.

Why Hire Piano Movers in London

For many people who are lovers of music and who consider it as both an art and a way of life know that instruments need special care and handling all the time. There are instruments that are sensitive and a bump can cause a change in sound and may require retuning while in some cases such bumps can cause damages. This is especially true for pianos. They are bulky, big, quite sensitive and not to mention heavy. This is why moving it all on your own can be daunting and risky which makes it a good idea to hire piano movers in London.

piano movers londonSPECIAL PIECES NEED SPECIAL HANDLING: Remember those oil paintings, antiques and memorabilia that need professional handling? Yes, your piano needs the same. This piece of musical instrument despite its huge frame is in fact very sensitive. Even without getting it bumped or mishandled, it still has to be re-tuned. Plus, no man and not even two can safely carry it along the halls and down the stairs. It requires at least four strong men each holding on to four sides.

DIMENSIONS CAN BE TRICKY: Depending on the model or type of your instrument, the dimensions and measurements can vary. With that comes weight which can be distributed all depending on those numbers. Also, this is needed so as to determine how the instrument will be carried out the door, along the hallways, down the stairs and then right back and up into its new abode. If you aren’t familiar or comfortable doing all these then you better seek professional help instead.

SPECIAL TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT ARE NEEDED: There is a lot of stuff necessary to assure that you get things done quick and safe. To name a few these include padding blankets, furniture doily, heavy duty straps and of course a big enough moving truck or van. Sure you can rent a van but the other tools and equipment can be costly if you purchase them all on your own. Plus, you’re getting yourself all stressed out.

THE COSTS OF GETTING YOUR PIANO REPAIRED OR REPLACED IS SCARY: If you insist on doing it all on your own then there are greater risks of getting the sides scraped, scratched, bumped and damaged. Getting it repaired is painful both to you as owners and to your pocket. Besides, you wouldn’t want to get it badly bruised that it needs replacing. You certainly do not! So get yourself some piano movers in London and you will thank yourself later.

Packing for your Home Move By London Removals

You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. Packing can be such a pain and a tiresome task when it comes to any move. Doing one for a two week holiday vacation can already be a little stressful so how much more if you need to do an entire house filled with all sorts of stuff from appliances to furniture and what nots. Before you start frowning and throw all your things and stuff them randomly in boxes out of exasperation, better read up on the following packing tips for your home move from London Removals. They might just make your life easier for you.

london removalsCLOTHES: You will need two types of boxes for these, one for those that can be folded and another for those which must be kept hanged. For the former the usual heavy duty cartons will do but for the latter you will have to get yourself some wardrobe boxes. These come with a metal steel rod where you can out those clothes hangers on. Also remember not to overstuff it. Use smaller boxes so they do not become too heavy to carry.

BOOKS: Of course you will put them in boxes too but remember that bulky and light items go inside big cartons while small but heavy ones go inside smaller containers. The accumulated weight of your books can be too heavy making a bigger container much too weighty to handle. Also, keep the spine facing upwards so it is easier for you to see the titles when you unpack later on.

SHOES: If you still have the original containers they came with then it is best to use them. Otherwise you may still use your new cases if you have them. Let’s say that you have a cabinet instead so you’ve thrown away all those stated above. Then your best option is to wrap each shoe carefully in packing paper or put them inside shoe bags. After which you can place them inside one big carton.

ACCESSORIES AND KNICKNACKS: Items like earrings, bracelets, accessories and other small items are best placed inside Ziploc bags. This prevents them from being lost amidst the bigger items and prevents them from dropping here and there.

DISHWARE: These are extra fragile and are mostly prone to breakage and chips. The best way to protect them is by wrapping them in bubble wrap or clean paper. Another option is to put linen in between them so they do not bump or rub against each other while on transportation.

FURNITURE: There are items that have to be disassembled. When you do so make sure that you are using the right tools and that you are following the manufacturer’s instructions.

APPLIANCES: When handling appliances on your home move always see to it that no wires are left dangling and that no doors or drawers are left unsecure and open. Secure them with a tape or tie them.

Useful Relocation Tips from Office Movers London

Businesses move for a number of different reasons. One is because of growth and expansion. There comes a time when your current space cannot hold your operations anymore. You need a bigger place to operate and provide for your growing number of customers. Two is because you may be expanding your market reach and scope. Most companies prefer to put their offices outside of but near the city to avoid bigger expenses during their first few starting years. As time passes by they find that moving into the metropolitan is already feasible and can help in broadening their market reach. Those two are only a few of the many reasons why companies chose to move. Now as a business owner how exactly do you make sure that you do it right? Below are some beneficial tips from office movers London.

KNOW WHEN TO ASK FOR HELP: If your business runs on a one room office and less than ten men then doing it altogether can be possible but anything more than that will require you to ask for help. Residential relocations can be achieved on a do it yourself basis but medium to large sized business cannot. This is because of the amount of items and equipment that has to be handled and not to mention that most of these involve computers and machineries.

PREPARE FOR IT: When you move your office it is advisable to plan for it a year ahead. Yes we mean twelve months if not more. This will allow you to get ample time to consider things such as your operation schedules, the resources you are willing to spend for the transfer, where you will be transferring and other related matters.

INFORM EVERYONE: Make sure that you tell your staff and employees about your plan. They should never be left off guard as they will also be of help when it’s time to pack the smaller things up like documents and files. Such things cannot be left to your removal company for conoffice moversfidential purposes.

UPDATE YOUR CONTACTS: Also send out the information or call your suppliers. This will be useful so that you will know how much transportation costs will go up or down as you go further or nearer your suppliers. You might as well check if you can get better and cheaper raw materials from businesses near your new office.

BACK UP YOUR FILES: Lastly and one very important thing to do according to office movers is to back up and secure your files and documents. You never know what will happen and risks will always be there. It is always best to be prepared and have your important files secured.

What Do Removal Firms and Office Movers Offer Their Clients

To keep the stress away, individuals, families, businesses and entrepreneurs choose to get the services of home and office movers. Their primary function is to help individuals and businesses transport and relocate all their important belongings from one place to another as safe and as fast as possible. What many people do not know is that these firms in fact have more services to offer which will surely make everything easier for you. Such services are given to better aid the move and take off all your worries. What are they? Read on and find out.502161_55619778

Move management

They will thoroughly assist and guide you all throughout the moving process from the careful planning right to the very end. This is especially helpful to individuals and businesses that have not experienced a move yet.

Packing supplies

You won’t have to go around and ask for boxes from your local grocery or buy tons of these from specialty stores. You won’t even have to worry about not getting the right sizes and amounts. Your movers can provide you with the necessary tools and supplies like boxes, Styrofoam inserts, paper, tape, glue and the like if you wish to pack on your own.

Dismantling and packing

This part depends on you. Removal firms can do this job is you wish them too. Some clients still want to have a hand in this stage which is actually a good thing. Even if you have professionals to do the job for you it is still important that you keep an inventory of everything. Most furniture needs to be dismantled and placed in boxes. Without the right tools and knowledge you risk damaging them.

moving vanTransportation

They will be providing the necessary transportation vehicles like vans and trucks that will suit your needs perfectly. There is no need to look for a van, rent it and drive it yourself. The risks of you having a jam-packed car which requires you to make a couple of drives are eliminated.


In case you’d need a place to store your possessions for any reason, there are those who offer storage and warehouse space.

Confidential Shredding

For entrepreneurs who are moving their businesses and need to dispose useless but confidential data whether in paper or digital form, some movers have facilities that can be used to destroy such items using incineration and shredding. After which, certificates of destruction are provided for each collection.

Those are some of the other services that removal companies like offer their clients. We hope this article helped. Good luck and have a successful move!

Removal Companies London: Questions to Ask to Find the Best Service

family moving homeWhen it comes to hiring people to help you move out of your old home and move in to a new one, there are always things to consider before hiring them. We all want good value for our money. Besides, the very reason why we get them in the first place is to relieve us from all the hassle and also to ensure that our belongings are handled right to avoid damages. It is but just that we look for the best service there is. To do that there are things to ask in order to ascertain getting the best removal companies London.

Is the company legit?

Of course you have to check if they are operating legal business. There are quite a number of scams out there who would take advantage of clients like you. They will even hold your things hostage so be very careful. One way to check if they are legit is by looking them up as a member of the National Guild of Removers and Storers. It is an association in the industry which sets rules, procedures and standards and constantly checks upon its members for strict compliance.

How long have they been in business?

One of the things that you could check to ensure quality service is by looking up for the company’s history. Businesses who have long been present tell us that their operations continued through time which can only mean one thing: loyal and happy customers.

What are their services and packages?

Inquire about their services. Will they be packing things for you or do you have the option to do it yourself but still leave heavy duties to them. Can they provide you with the packing supplies needed? How about transportation? Do ask away.

Do they offer insurance?

If they do, then that is a little hint which implies of their confidence when it comes to their quality of service. It is also an advantage for you that in the event of damages, breakages and losses, everything is covered. Read their terms on it too.

Are there terms and conditions that you should worry about?

Always dig deeper a little more. Read the company’s terms and conditions regarding damages, transportation, time frame and the like. Be careful as there are those who have hidden charges.

Is their price reasonable?

Quality comes with a price. That however does not necessarily mean that the most expensive removal companies in London are the best. It also does not mean that affordable ones are bad. What you should do here is analyze whether the price for the said service is tantamount to the quality.

Tips and Packing Techniques

One of the usual questions and dilemmas that individuals or families ask whenever they encounter a home move always involve packing. As your belongings are to be carried in and out of the house, across corridors, along the stairs and into moving trucks on long road trips, they have to be packed effectively to avoid damages and breakage. This task may prove harder than it seems as different items actually have different handling needs. To better acquaint you with such, read on and take note of the following removal company packing tips.

 Shoes and Clothing

bubblewrapFirst, decide which items can be folded and which must be kept hanged. Use wardrobe boxes and rails for clothes like dresses to avoid those unwanted wrinkles. Others may be neatly folded inside boxes. If an organizer is available, use it to hold all your accessories otherwise place them inside Ziploc bags and put them inside one container. Try to place your shoes inside their original containers. If unavailable, you can use paper to wrap them and place them inside a big carton or bag.

Dishware and China

Wrap them using paper, linen, unprinted newsprint or bubble wrap.  Avoid using newspaper as the print can stain your plates. When packing breakables like these, see to it that the container is fully stuffed. This does not mean that you should over pack it though. Where gaps or spaces appear, insert a crumpled paper, a pillow, a cloth or a Styrofoam insert to keep the items inside the box from bumping and breaking into each other.

Books and Magazines

Because of their accumulated weight, it is best to put them in smaller cartons for easy carriage. The spine should be on top for visibility and trouble-free identification. If you are stuck with a big box, opt to pack books and magazines at the bottom part and fill the other half with light and bulky items like linens and comforters.


Read the manufacturer’s manual. Each appliance comes with a manual that states how they are to be moved or transferred. Also, the box and Styrofoam inserts they came with are the supplies advised for you to use. If they are lost or damaged, just see to it that the container you choose is sturdy enough. Most appliances like your fridge and television must be unplugged and cleaned for around twenty four hours before you put them in their proper containers.

Follow these packing tips and you’re on your way to a better and hassle-free home move!