Tony Bloom’s Case Against Multiple Sclerosis

Tony Bloom LindaMore than a businessman, an investor and the chairman to the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, Tony Bloom is a certified philanthropist. The causes he has supported and the foundations he has built are proof of that.

In 2011, he founded the Tony Bloom Charitable Trust currently renamed and known as the Bloom Foundation. This charity offers and provides grants to various causes and organizations that support similar objectives particularly in the fight against poverty and the relief efforts geared towards it.

But apart from poverty, Tony also fights for another cause and this is Multiple Sclerosis. About 15 years ago, his wife Linda who also happens to be a registered psychologist to whom he has a son with was diagnosed with the condition.

Multiple Sclerosis, often referred to in its acronym MS, is a degenerative neurological disease that affects the central nervous system. It causes major disruption in the flow of information within the brain and between it and the other organs. It is a disabling condition that causes mobility issues among others with some cases reporting paralysis.

What makes it particularly difficult is the fact that there is no absolute and definite cure and no known cause. It also presents itself in relapses that occur in intervals without exact consistency. Only 2.5 million or 0.3% of the entire world population is said to suffer from this condition. Moreover, symptoms vary from one patient to another making it hard to easily detect its presence.

Among its many symptoms include loss of sight and vision problems, fatigue, muscle stiffness, spasms, numbness of the limbs, dizziness, vertigo, bladder issues, speech difficulty or slurring, mood swings, depression and even complete paralysis.

During Linda’s initial months after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Tony recalls her being in an awful state to the point that she could neither lift a pen nor stand up from her chair. With proper diet, a lifestyle change, self hypnosis, exercise, meditation yoga and the recovery program developed by Professor George Jelinek.

Linda has recovered since then and has full control over her MS. To help those suffering from the same condition, she built the OMS (Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis) Foundation with her husband Tony and other trustees from the Bloom Foundation.

In a bid to raise awareness and funds for the cause, Tony Bloom ran the 2011 and 2015 Brighton Marathons in the south coast of England which are held annually every April.

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