What Would You Have Done if You Were Tony Bloom

tony bloom celebrationAssuming you were born in the 1970s as Anthony Grant “Tony” Bloom, what would you have done by now? The British business magnate, successful investor, football club chairman and philanthropist have quite a long list of achievements at the age of 47 but it’s important to note that much of his successes began early on in life.

After his primary years in Lancing College, Tony went to take a degree in mathematics at the University of Manchester. After graduation, he worked as an options trader at accounting firm Earnest and Young, one of the accounting world’s esteemed “Big Four”. Eventually, he jumped ship and decided to scratch an itch: the entrepreneurial itch. It was during these years that Tony entered the world of business and investments where he proved to be very successful. Considered a risk taker, he had quite the talent when it comes to assessing which projects would likely shoot for success.

As much as business was an innate talent, football was something he was born with. It runs in his blood. He may be no professional athlete but he has been an undying fan for as long as he can remember. Born to the Blooms, a family of passionate Seagull fans, he considered watching matches at the Goldstone Ground with his relatives as one of the highlights of his childhood.

By the year 2000 and with his various ventures on a victory roll, Tony Bloom became a major investor and stockholder to the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, more commonly referred to as the Seagulls or the Albions. Then as of May 2009, he bought majority share and came to succeed Harry Dick Knight as its newest chairman.

Although a man of a few words, unlike previous chairmen who gave lengthy speeches, Tony managed to deliver far more than what was expected of him. After 12 years without a base, he managed to bring the Seagulls home with the construction of the £93 million 30,750 capacity American Express Community Stadium which opened in 2011. On top of that, he also had the fully equipped American Express Elite Football Performance Centre built and opened in 2014.

In 2011, he also set up the Tony Bloom Charitable Trust, now the Bloom Foundation, which seeks to alleviate the effects of and end poverty in Europe, Asia and Africa. With his wife Linda, he also founded the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Foundation to help and assist patients suffering from MS.

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